WithstandZ – Zombie Survival Android Game


You can play alone or Online mode with your companions, you will control the character picked and make due in the zombie world, you can get things in houses, towns, military and different fields.

WithstandZ BETA is an open world diversion in the developing classification survival as much as multiplayer or singleplayer. Situated in the Unturned. Through the span of a common and epic experience, you’ll need to survive scanning for provisions and hardware, and to having the capacity to assemble your own particular house/base/development.


You should learn and build up your own survival procedure, go looking for sustenance and hardware and keep the thirst, yearning and life of your character in stable level.


The amusement includes a guide of open world, where who picks where to go, it’s truly you! Along these lines, you will have many intriguing spots to investigate and plunder.


The multiplayer/online mode expedites another experience to players versatile gadgets like cell phones, Tablets and other, that way you will appreciate and mess around with your companions, and in case you’re playing alone, it’s dependent upon you to choose on the off chance that you will the player “Saint” or “Lowlife”. 🙂


Our zombies are constituted with a fantastic manmade brainpower, that way on the off chance that you are inside a House, you don’t need to stress over a Zombie show up all of a sudden, they will just come after you on the off chance that you truly need.


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