Shadow Battle 2.0 Mobile Game

Game Features

Glactic Domination (NEW): Team up and Conquer Planets and Systems to build your empire!
Hardcore class system (NEW): Each hero class has its significant strength and weakness against other classes. Know your opponents, win the battle!
Transformation: Each hero has an unique transformation that unleashes one’s special power.
Burst in melee with furious dash attacks or keep at range and rain down hell on your enemy with quick shots, heavy beams, or cluster bombs
Exquisite quality of graphics
Earphones are recommended to fully experience epic 3-D sound effects
Immersive button-less control scheme
Don’t let the rookie-level AI fool you, they can get insanely difficult at times
Unlock new maps and stories as you proceed on
Well known super heroes, ranged from the good ol days’ to the most recent ones
Explicit tutorial for new players and effective training to acquaintance with unique gameplay
Use reputation points to participate in versus mode, which greatly increases gold reward and enhances item drop rate
Shiny (literally) equipment await to be unlocked
Diverse abilities and stats upgrade system
Generous daily awards can be claimed freely
Obtain free coins by inviting your friends through Facebook

(!) New unyielding heroes, techniques and multiplayer mode are coming soon in the next updates (!)

How to play

Tap any where in the empty space to move your hero
Switch skills during the fight by tapping on their icons at the bottom-right corner
At a long distance, tap on the enemy to fire quick shots, or hold for a few seconds to charge up and release a massive energy burst
At a closer range, tap on your enemy to approach and dish out a series of melee attacks
Swipe the screen toward your enemy to perform a deadly dash attack
Stay still to automatically block incoming attacks
Double tap on your hero to activate the powerful sonic blast, and *transform*! (the hero needs to be AWAKENED through rolling CUBE twice into that hero)
Press and hold on your hero to quickly regenerate

Game Story

Each hero has his background story. Meanwhile, An AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been created to study their stories and interpret them to you. Most of the time, it will walk you through the basics. Unfortunately, due to a critical mistake of its creator, that gave AI such gloomy vision of understanding any hero’s form. Other than that, little AI is still learning things to get better at guiding players.

Contact us

We want to make sure you are entertained. Feel free to write us any feedback. They are real-time credits for us. Let’s improve the game together!


It works better on Android versions higher than 4.1. It is recommended to update your Android OS if you are running on 4.1 for better stability.


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