Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy Android Game


Rusted Warfare is a completely included RTS motivated by great continuous methodology diversions, for example, Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer.


An unadulterated RTS with no microtransactions and no DRM

On the web and disconnected multiplayer over wifi and versatile systems

Battle, conflict, survival, and test missions, with full AI

More than 40+ exceptional land, air, and ocean units for adjusted gameplay

Test units and atomic rockets for the huge endgame fights

Strategic And Strategic open doors with one of a kind units, for example,

→ Flying Fortresses

→ Combat Engineers

→ Amphibious Jets

→ Shielded Hovertanks

→ Laser Defenses

Quick interface: Issue orders through the minimap, multi-touch bolster, unit gatherings, rally focuses

Vital zoom: Zoom out to view and issue charges over the entire war zone

Spare and load recreations including multiplayer diversions for that fast noon fight

Reconnect disengaged multiplayer recreations and maintain a strategic distance from any mistake

Make and load your own particular custom levels (see discussions for points of interest)

Completely scales from telephones to huge screen tablets

USB console and mouse bolster

Play in a hurry against your companions on your telephone or tablet.


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