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The red mask whose ship sank set foot on an island and were raised by the indigenious people there. He was a child at that time. In time, some evil forces living in the sea took controle of the island.

The evil has reached to the bottom of the island.Redmask wants to clear out the island from this evil.Because the island and the people living on it have become his family. But he doesn’t want to recognized by anyone. Therefore he made a mask. He only uses his mask while fighting.

Except the times he fights he is a normal person. He wants you to help him during his adventure

Fight with hundreds of unique mosters. Gather the treasures. Clear this lands and adventurous forests from monsters. Defeat the evil on this island with going trough adventures.

The features of this perfect adventure game

+ Perfect musics and visuality
+ 4 different realms
+ 36 unique levels
+ Easy touch-operated usage
+ Double-jumping feature
+ Perfect monsters
+ a market where you can buy hammer and life
+ Gain coins by watching videos
+ And much more…

Buy “Redmask Adventure World” and play it for free. Join this adventure and enjoy it. We want to see you in the red mask’s adventure world.

If you face any problem while discovering red mask’s adventure world, please contact us. We consider and start-up your all demands about the game.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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