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Psychological oppressors, lunatics and different insane people are a torment of the present world. They intend to nuke you and taint world with lethal infection, yet you’re going to shoot them, slice them, destroy them (or persuade them to vanish in some other way). Arsenal will be a like genuine weapon look for you: assault rifles, rifles, shotguns, explosives, sharpshooter rifles… in addition some savage stuff obviously. Consistently you delay to a great degree detestable fear based oppressors become more grounded assuming control harbors, metros, oil fields… Accomplish something! Push that bleeding download catch and murder them all!

This is FPS you are searching for!

You’ll adore Major GUN addictive arcade style gameplay that present to you the best perpetual firearm shooting knowledge!

Enhance your abilities as an exclusive armed force answer for fear based oppressor circumstance. Overhaul your munititions stockpile of cool weapons and pick the correct one for the undertaking. Sharpshooter rifles, shotguns, ambush and overwhelming automatic rifles – you can play with every one of them. Test your battling aptitudes against all foes. Shoot them, wound them, explode them – play it your way, simply execute them all and safeguard prisoners.

Stunning 3D Graphics

Diverse areas, situations, blasts we got everything secured. Battle with Bosses and remain alive to open every area. Each stage is totally exceptional, delightfully organized 3D condition with it’s own particular personality. And the majority of this is pressed in brilliant comic workmanship style you’ll adore.

More than 100 missions is standing by! Real GUN has different Gameplay modes.

Clear range from aggressors and save prisoners in attack missions. Test your speed and exactness in survival mode. Demonstrate who’s the best in FPS expert marksman mode. Endeavor to finish ultra hard special forces or meat the last test and slaughter Boss.

Real GUN has everything to keep you engaged for quite a long time.

Exceptional levels and adversaries

Real GUN is testing FPS!

Improve your shooting aptitudes amid distressing clash circumstances

Find, get ready to dispose of, slaughter different foes: outlaws, savage professional killers and maniacs

Finish Daily Challenges to gather lifts, assets and weapons

Search for medical aid packs and adrenaline

Earn most extreme 3 stars for each completed mission. Rival your companions to see who is the best Major GUN!

Increase your rank from enlist, perhaps some time or another you’ll turn into a noteworthy?

No clear cartridges!

Try not to miss the uncommon chance to test in real life more than 30 best weapons utilized by unique powers everywhere throughout the world!

Attempt 4 hand firearms, 6 automatic weapons, 8 strike rifles, 4 shotguns, substantial assault rifles (counting minigun), 4 sharpshooter rifles, each executing machine you require.

All weapons can be overhauled! Purchase the containers brimming with products: firearms, ammunition or unique arrangements of execute weapons.

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