Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Android Game

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Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare

Oppose and resist the malice undead in this new strategic survival spin-off of Dead Ahead!

Battle for flexibility and turn into a valiant slayer of the undead in one of the funnest survival

amusements of the year! Murder a great many raids of zombies, gather supplies, search for survivors and

generally imperatively… make your own inheritance!

Zombie Invasion

Shield your transport and persist rivals scarier than any fallen angel or evil presence! Leap forward

blockades while you butcher the degenerate carcasses. Accumulate your group of warriors and send

them one by one into fight! Utilize any methods important to avert the crowd of pixel crazed

substance eaters! Slice, shoot or consume the dead with barrels, Molotov mixed drinks and projectiles. Be

immediate and dangerous or stealth slaughter your adversaries.

Utilize Your Brains, Don’t Lose Them

Demonstrate that you have genuine steel to overcome the maps! Be imaginative and consolidate diverse sorts

of units to win! Utilize strategically hostile and protective moves to execute every one of the zombies and the

blockades! Be innovative and strike them for greatest gore. Keep in mind – the rising

dead won’t make it simple for you.

Enhance Your Skills and Gear to Stay Alive

Gather things, acquire understanding and finish journeys to update your units and vehicles. The

more apparatus you get, the more zombies you will have the capacity to go up against! Turn into a definitive slayer

of the undead! Exile the banshees to endless hellfire! Balance your high score with other


What Awaits you

Blood-and-guts activity procedure diversion with a comical inclination

No stowing away in the shade! The undead WILL desire you!

Resist against the attack of zombies and guard your transport no matter what!

An enormous world with various areas

Plenty of survivor units and zombies

Upgrades, exceptional things and discretionary journeys



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