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Planet Orkan deviated from its orbit due to an unknown reason. This incident brought about unpleasant results as well. There happened some deteriorations in the planet’s core and we have lost %45 of the atmosphere. Our planet was swallowed by huge dark clouds. It’s now impossible to live here!

Orkan is heading towards its end because Orkan’s orbiter is getting closer day by day. We feel that there isn’t left enough time. It’s a dark planet now. A year ago the leader of Orkan made an allience with the people and the evacuation has started. We are embarking on an adventure whose end cannot be predicted. But we have to do this.

We have evacuated almost all of the planet. Every spaceship got away from Orkan but one. The last one cannot launch because its leader has gone missing. That is why we need a talented leader. The last launching pad is tumbledown and we need you! You need to get the people out of there immediately.

They terribly need you now!

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