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Adventure of the King 2 Android Game on Google Play

The effort of the young king’s to ascend the throne still continues. Finishing all the quest his father gave, the prince was sent to new realms to conquer more lands. In these lands full of adventures there are mysterious forests, lava pits, and monsters in caves which belongs to different worlds. His father who ordered these things to be cleaned up gave young king’s sword and hammer to complete this quest.

Adventures of The King I Android Game on Google Play

Young prince had completed his trainings and was ready to ascend the throne. However, there happened a conflict between the brothers and therefore II. Ertuğrul gave different quests to each of the brothers. But the first two ones couldn’t complete their quests. The youngest brother’s quest is the hardest. His quest is to clean up the kingdom’s old lands Archer, Avalon and Balat from the mosnters and to bring back the treasures left there.


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