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Do you have what it brings to cut down wild dinosaurs and ruthless zombies in a definitive chasing amusement? A fizzled try has made massive manifestations that wander Earth’s dystopian no man’s land. As a tip top shooter, you should now chase to survive. Finish missions to open capable new weapons and turn into a definitive rifleman. Take in and prepared your weapon.

Join an Epic Story in Exotic Locations!

Reveal the riddle behind the most disputable logical test in U.S history. Human and revived dino genomes have combined, making huge anathemas known as the Humanosaurs. Presently they go crazy in a dystopian no man’s land strewn with surrendered structures and dinosaur homes. Slaughter the living and the strolling dead indistinguishable. Chase to survive.

Exact Sniper-Shooting Action

Output your prey for feeble spots and acquire reward plunder and XP. Pinpoint basic organs including brains and lungs utilizing your warm sights. Replay epic kills with inconceivable slug time. For any seeker sufficiently unfortunate to be gotten in the foe’s look at that point get ready to go head to head against your rival’s rage in a nail-gnawing speedy time occasion. You’ll just have seconds to respond.

Dispose of Deadly Enemies

Stalk a mind boggling assortment of dinosaur, zombie and Humanosaur foes ashore and submerged. Utilize accuracy aptitudes and overhaul your weapons to bring down prey including the Einiosaurus that can withstand unbelievable measures of harm and the compelling 3-ton Tuojiangosaurus covered in horrendous spikes.

An Arsenal of Awesome Upgradeable Weapons

Pick off your dino and strolling dead adversaries with up to 14 present day and exemplary expert sharpshooter rifles and in addition explosives including streak projectiles. Each rifle has 15 overhauls, including expanded dependability and clasp measure. Stalk your prey from inside the shadows by improving each rifle’s extension and zooming abilities, guaranteeing you turn into a definitive expert rifleman seeker.

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