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Tasty Blue Action Game


Tasty Blue Action Game

Tasty Blue Action Game
In Tasty Blue, you play as a small goldfish with a voracious hunger. In the wake of being overloaded by your proprietor, you escape into the sea and start to eat everything that you experience. The more you eat, the greater you get!Notwithstanding the goldfish, you can likewise play as an eager dolphin and a covetous shark. The dolphin begins off as an exhausted aquarium star, compelled to go through the motions for sustenance. He escapes from bondage by eating his way through the aquarium and rendering retribution on his coach. The shark is the last playable character, a fake fish made by researchers to spare Earth's seas. It utilizes self-repeating nano innovation to expend everything in its way and change over their issue into its own. There's no telling how enormous this shark will get.


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