Adventurous Greg wakes up one day and realizes that everything has changed. The world was invaded by cursed monsters.

He decides to set off. He sews himself a costume to hide his identity. He has no choice but to arrive his home by collecting the things on his road.

Would you like to help Greg with this adventure?

Fight with hundreds of monsters. Clean up this vale from monsters and bad creatures. Exterminate this curse on this vale while getting in a lot of adventures.

The features of this perfect adventure game:

+ Excellent musics and visual quality
+ 21 unique levels
+ Easy touch-operated utilization
+ Double-jumping and jetpack
+ Splendid monsters
+ And more…

Buy this “Adventures of the Flash” adventure game for free. Join this adventure. We are waiting for you in flash’s adventure world.

If you face with any problem while exploring the Flash’s adventure world, please contact us. We take stock of your demands and startup.

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